Thursday, March 1, 2012

one good thing 2/29

in a new year effort to be more mindful of how I am living my life and to be more joyful with my life, I've decided to post one good thing a day. One good thing, everyday.

If you feel inspired to do the same (and I hope that you do!) please feel free to leave your good thing, or a link, in the comments below.

This leap day was one of those days in which good things just do not come naturally. By dinner time I was racking my brain on what was just one good thing for the day. I was coming up empty. It was one of those days that starts with an overnight baby leak onto your freshly washed sheets. A day with a teething, no napping, whining baby. One of those days when the well runs dry in the middle of the hot shower you are taking to relax.   So as I was doing the dishes while dinner was cooking (and of course, on this day cursing the daily housework) I was struggling with what I might post for this days one good thing.

Which is sort of the whole point of this (supposed to be daily) exercise. Even on days like this, when it seems nothing is good, there are good things. Sometimes I just have to look for them. And right there out my window, was a good thing. It was after 6pm. The sky was still light. The silhouette of the trees on the darkening sky. I've always loved that. 

So I stopped everything I was doing and went outside to look at the trees. 

And after that, things shifted. It may have been me and my reset in thinking. It very well may have been the baby (finally!) napping on daddy's chest. Suddenly I was surrounded by good things. A home-cooked meal on the table. A healthy family. A warm home. Yes, there are plenty of good things in everyday. 

And while my original post intention was those trees, by the end of the day it most definitely was the after dinner clean-up dance party. 

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.