Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Craft Disaster.

So, every month Evan has to do a book project. This month, for his presentation he was doing a book in a bag. He made two clay items, a boat and a cave thing. He spent a lot of time on them and they looked awesome.

I got the brilliant idea to bake them, since I used to bake my sculpey clay things.

Set the oven to 225 - put them in. Check on them a couple minutes later. Melted. Puddles. F*ck.

Feel like an a-hole for melting his project.

Try to clean off baking sheet in sink. No good.

SUPER BRILLIANT idea to put baking sheet back in oven at 350 to burn off remainder.

Forgot clay created toxic fumes at higher temperatures. Entire kitchen fills with smoke. Pull baking sheet out.

Open all the windows. Get the kids out of the house and go for a walk. Come back. Turn into paranoid freak over toxic fumes.

Notice that clay is now ALL OVER the bottom of the oven.

:insert obscenities:

Now, not only did I just win loser mom of the year award for MELTING my sons project he worked really really hard on, two days before it was due - expose my children to toxic fumes - but now I have to try and get clay out of my oven, without creating more of those pesky fumes.

I have it soaking with vinegar and baking soda.


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