Wednesday, March 2, 2011

making changes

I'm itching to make some changes. I don't know if it's the Spring coming and the urge to clean out and rearrange and brighten up now that winter's ending - or if it's 'nesting' starting to kick in. I don't think it's nesting so much actually, because even though I like thinking of all the ideas, I'm still lacking the motivation to do a lot of them!

My current kick is repainting. Because of all the wood, our house can look dark. We're still working on figuring out lighting, but I think that lightening some of the paint will help too. I actually love the wall color, but it's just not working.

Here's the current paint chips I have up. Yes, they all look pretty much the same. And I don't think I love any of them. I'm planning on painting just the top part of the wall the lighter color. Though the past couple of days I've been a little obsessed with the idea of DIY board and batten. We'll see.

Here's our living room (see, lots of wood).

Most of the furniture in there was left to us by the previous owners. It's all gorgeous, either Ethan Allen, Stickly or handmade. And I love everything. But because we didn't put it there, it still doesn't feel like us. It needs a little bit more of our personality. We'll probably replace the couch in the next year or two. And the TV. And the entertainment center. We need a bigger couch for all of us to comfortably snuggle and a flatter TV to fit the bigger couch. So, we'll have to make due for a couple of years still. Seating is a huge problem in there though, not for visiting, just for movie night.

I know you want to see our couch. This is one thing we did buy - and the first real live adult piece of furniture my husband and I bought together.

It's kind of a mess, there's laundry on the chair and Christmas stuff behind the chair waiting to be put away. And a Christmas package still waiting to be mailed. Oops. Oh, and my 12 year old broke my brand new (last year) vacuum that I looooooved so now my floors are dirty cause I haven't replaced it yet. But actually, this is clean compared to the kids living room. Ick.

I painted our back door and window a couple weeks ago. Sorry no pictures.It's better that way, trust me. Here's a before picture sort of (it's the best I could find right now that showed the color well enough!)

They were dark red. A lovely red. But too dark with the dark wood. So I painted them what should have been a nice light Spring Sage. Instead it looks like mint sea foam nightmare. I have yet to fix that.

I also hate the laundry room re-do I did last year. But that's another post.

What about you? Do you start wanting to make changes to your home when the seasons change?


katie said...

I've been painting (everything-- nearly all the rooms in the house), decluttering, rearranging. We bought the house 5 years ago, and most of the previous owner's paint-and-wallpaper messes are/were still on the walls (prior owners were an artist and a contractor with grown-up kids). Pretty happy with the projects so far, and in a new agey-pseudo feng shui way, it feels like a lot of old, stagnant energy is clearing out.

Jodi said...

If you saw my post from today, that's the story of my life right now. But we just moved into a new home... and I don't think I'll be done making changes for a while. lol
I think we have the same mammoth tv. Ours won't fit in the built in wall unit in the new house.
Also - slip covers are an inexpensive way to change up your furniture until you're ready to buy new. I got some great ones on Ebay last year.

Sara said...

While I love wood, you are right, that is a lot of wood. It makes things dark. Definitely stick with light paint. When I saw your pictures, I thought, "She needs an afghan!". Nothing homies up the room like a handmade item or two.

Lovely home. Your messy is my clean. whew!