Tuesday, April 24, 2012

::right now::

I am . . .

~ wondering what has kept me from this space for so long (I have a dozen or so posts in queue, but none that I've felt motivated to hit publish on)

~ trying
to just go with the flow of this crazy Spring we're having. 91 degrees a week ago, yesterday 12 hours of no power and a snow day (!) for the kids!

~ watching and paying extra close attention to these fast growing boys of mine. A teenager headed into high school next year (and taking college credits in engineering classes already!), an eight year old who by the day seems to be shedding his little kid looks and showing us more and more glimpses of older boy he's becoming. Oh, and this baby of mine. A full 10 months already. Six whole teeth. And getting braver and braver with letting go and moving on his own. Oh, my.

~ smelling the full, rich scents of stocks simmering on the stove, doing some last winter time canning in anticipation for the busy summer ahead.

~ thankful for the slow ease back into sports season. Just baseball practice for one boy twice a week for now. The quiet before the summer storm.

~ learning to let go. There will be many days when not everything gets done. There will be more days when almost nothing gets done. Trying very hard to learn the balance of what is important now and what can wait. And wait.

~ realizing this post will be mostly picture-less since mama's camera seems to have crawled away to who knows where.

~ reminding myself that things that are done are better than things that never get done in attempts at perfection.

~ listening to a baby who is quite done with his mama typing away and is very ready to an early morning snuggling.

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