Thursday, January 3, 2013

finding magic

I never quite got into the holiday spirit this year.

We all ended up with the flu by the 2nd of December, and for me and Andrew it never quite went away. We're both still fighting a fair amount of congestion. Because of that, nearly all of my handmade plans got shelved. There are several in progress projects from before the holidays, for friends, that are yet to be completed as well.

I find sometimes, that it's work to keep a family moving and doing and enjoying the seasons. Perhaps it shouldn't be, and wouldn't it be lovely if it just always fell together organically? But I know, that in my family at least, it often requires some motivation and planning and definitely unplugging.

And this  I just didn't have the motivation or the energy. Not to say it wasn't still a very lovely holiday season, it was. Any holiday that you get to spend with the people you love is a wonderful holiday in my opinion. It just felt like it was missing a little something.

I know that no one can do it all, I certainly don't come close, but I think that sometimes digging a little deeper, finding that motivation, creating that magic - well, maybe sometimes it needs to be just as important as learning when to let it go, you know?

I think there's got to be a way to put a little magic in everyday. Ways that maybe sometimes take great effort, but more often take very little.

what do you do to keep your days fresh, inspired, magical?

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