Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall Cooking

So, the summer is coming to an end. Every year I vow to make the most of it, enjoy it more - and every year I'm left wondering where it went and how it went so fast!

But. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I don't know why. The smell of new school supplies? (I'm actually not kidding there. There's something about brand new supplies that just makes me happy!) The leaves? The scent of fall in the air? The opportunity for change? So many people leave resolutions for the New Year. I'm sure it's because of the school calender - but every fall (even 10 years out of school) still feels like a new beginning to me. A fresh start.

And then there's fall cooking. I'm not quite ready to end our summer favorites yet, but soon it's on to soups and chowders and crock pot cooking. mmmm.

And of course, we've just started school lunches - oh boy! The joys(ha!) of packing two lunches every morning.

I'm a meal planner. I've been slacking - but I'm usually very organized. I keep a notebook with my grocery list for each week. I spend time finding recipes for meals and checking sale ads.

It's time for me to get re-organized. I'm on my academic work schedule again - the kids and Kev are in school. We need to fall back into our routines and I need to streamline cooking and grocery shopping again.

So, to re-inspire and re-organize me I think for the next couple of weeks my focus here will be on cooking and recipes for fall and school. I'll share some of my favorite websites, tried and true recipes and some new ones along the way.

And share with me your favorite fall comforts!

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Blasé said...

Well Waddayaknow!?! Fall is my favorite, too!

Something about the cool breeze and changing of colors just makes me want to get down-and-dirty.....if you know what I mean!

Peace and Love