Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore

Or maybe we're somewhere more like Kansas. Actually we're just not in suburbia anymore. And that's becoming more and more clear! This next year or two will sure be interesting as we learn to adjust to a semi-rural kind of life! I hope you join us on the journey.

So far we have learned:

We were blissfully ignorant about our water usage. We also took for granted that it didn't smell. Now we collect rainwater and are learning to live with water that smells like sulfur though we're assured it's (just) iron. It's getting easier everyday, but it was a bit of a shock!

We know where all of our poop goes. I have to say - I never gave a whole lot of thought to that before.

We don't agree on outdoor projects. I want quick, easy, cheap and don't mind a homemade rustic look. He wants to DIY it too, but on a much grander scale.

Chopping down trees is fun.

Having a giant bonfire in your yard is pretty fantastic.

Watching the sun set over the hills is easily the best part of everyday (especially when you add a glass of wine in with it)

Sometimes old woods have interesting old things. Like well pumps and old stone foundations.

We don't know yet what is creepy and what is normal (but still pretty creepy): Like a stranger coming up to your door at 2:30 in the morning because he's running out of gas. My vote is for really creepy, but I'm being assured by several people that live in rural areas that while the timing is certainly odd, that strangers looking for gas is in fact, very normal.

I think I'm ready to get that dog we were talking about now. : /

And, I also realized today, that our new town has about 5000 people in it. In the whole town. My high school from the town we just moved from has 8000 students in it. That's right, there were more people in my high school than in my entire town now.

That's a thought to get used to!

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Sara said...

LOL culture shock, huh? as for the iron thing, my friends have that problem and it was hell on laundry. stay ahead of it with additives, a great water softener and all the other "extras" that come with country water high in iron.

i'm excited for you to get a dog. i would love to get one right now, but it just isn't possible, so i'll live thru you. ;)

so glad you are enjoying country living.