Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls

Like the tree farm mentioned previously, we're in "transition" too. Our first year in the new house. Figuring out the christmas decorations. There's so many more ideas I want to try, but we'll get there. We have many, many years to get it all together.

A sampling (and some not very good pictures) of what we've done this year

 All the pieces to that lamp were bought at thrift stores at separate times.
It's my holiday lamp, I just change out the insides with the seasons

 French doors to the backyard

A kind of better picture of the doors

Just some berry garland around the island light

 Took out the flower arrangement from our wedding and added a new one. Cost about 3 dollars!

Side porch door. Already had the milk jug thing and the wreath, just updated to flower/greenery

Front porch. Just got a few tree branches and added to what I already had


Oh, these curtains. What a story behind them . . .


valerie said...

Beautiful. Simple beauty is my favorite.

Sara said...

Love your decorations! The lamp is one of my favorite. The curtains are adorable!