Sunday, December 20, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful . . .

Not really. Not here. Central New York is pretty famous for our snow storms, but as the rest of the country gets pounded, we get . . . nothing. nada. Maybe some snow (mixed with rain) coming our way on Christmas.

But, because of everywhere else in the country getting the snow I want, flights everywhere are canceled and delayed and non-existent. What's also non-existent are taxi's and hotel rooms in NYC, which is where my brother in law and his family just landed. So, The Husband and his sister have just left to go get them. They should be home in about 12 hours.

My sewing machine decided it hates me and wants to keep breaking thread and skipping stitches. Now, I admit I've neglected her and have never brought her in for a proper servicing, but she has been lovingly (and this week not so lovingly) cleaned and maintained by me. This week she has also had the needle changed several times, two different types of needles, several thread changes, several types of threads, 2 cleanings, one oiling, a lot of cursing and grumbling and threats to throw her out the window. She is now in my basement being ignored since I borrowed my mothers new machine yesterday.

So now I have, um, 5 days (while company is in town) to finish several napkins, a table runner, a dollhouse, a pair of pajama pants, 2 robes and felt food. I have a very good feeling that we'll end up with some store bought wooden food and no robes till new years.

I also somehow managed to get a very nasty virus on our family computer last week, that is going to result in us wiping our hard drive and reinstalling windows. Luckily we have our important documents on an external hard drive, but because of that getting online has been difficult, and will be difficult so my posts will be few and far between, I'll share some snapshots when I can.

Hope your week is calm, and wonderful and joyful!


Sara said...

Frightful post! The virus sounds nasty. Hope the weather keeps holding out on you. We are cold and sleety. The sewing machine...what can I say? Mine is still at the barn. After reading your trials, I just couldn't risk it. I'm hand sewing a few things.

Valkyrie said...

A doll house! I want to see! I am obsessed with doll houses. :-)

I hope you get a white Christmas. My jealousy knows no bounds! I miss the snow so much. We will have to drive to find some.