Tuesday, August 9, 2011

finding the good.

We have been 'blessed' with a slightly (ahem) fussy baby. He just really likes to be held, a lot. In very particular positions. While moving.

This can be just a tad exhausting.

And some days it's easy to be grumpy.

But summer is ending. And my extended maternity leave is also ending.

Finding the good, in everyday, is so very important right now.

Like, fresh flowers from the market.

 Finding almond bites after having to go dairy free.


Having older children who like to help, even with a fussy brother, and who love him very dearly.

Enjoying the 3 minutes of calm and peace we get a day.

Finally installing a window unit AC in our bedroom and sleeping in cold comfort during those very sticky evenings.

Drinking wine.mmmmm wine.


Traditions. (My husbands band, Boots N Shorts, playing their 4th year at the Bluegrass Ramble Picnic)

Knowing that this fussy stage will only last a very little while, really. And being able to laugh and enjoy faces like this:


Summer said...

I couldn't feel more sorry for you on the fussy and dairy free hon!!! It is a rough place to be!!

If you need anything, I am always here for you!!

And this blog made me smile right nice, lol.

Sara said...

You gotta have milkshakes or something, cause he is just the cutest chubby little thing! ;) Love the pictures. Jesse had to be held for the first 4 months of her life. They do eventually get mobile on their own.