Thursday, August 18, 2011

the garden isn't growing

but the compost is!

Total garden fail this year. I only planted 1/2 of the garden. Then it sat. And sat. And sat still some more. No weeding, no watering, no love at all.

 Poor, sad, neglected garden

I finally ripped it out. Found a tomato plant that I didn't remember planting.

Cleaned it up a little and planted some spinach, lettuce, carrots and kale for the fall.

I noticed something growing in the compost a few weeks ago. Figured it was zucchini, but then as it got larger I saw the leaves were not zucchini leaves. So I waited, and let it grow.

When I checked last week, I found what appears to be a pumpkin!

I may not have done well with what I planted this year, but I'm not doing too bad with what I didn't plant!

And, I'm already planning next years garden. For when I don't have a brand new baby stealing all my gardening motivation!


City Sister said...

squash are so tenacious...I only planted one, but somehow I have about 20 plants and they are everywhere.

Summer said...

The fact that you are able to get any of the things done that you pull off makes you legendary in my eyes, lol.