Monday, July 1, 2013

:garden notes:

Well, I've never been accused of being punctual.

Garden notes, just a little late.

Watch the garden grow! See the last post here.

Week of June 20th

So much in progress. Finally getting around to permanent paths!

Pea mess and the in between spring and summer crops. Lettuce is going, eggplant and peppers are coming

Scarlet Runners, hopefully next year I'll have a whole trellised arbor of them in the side yard 

So few of my original broccolis and cabbages took, that I filled in the space with bush beans. Behind that, a tiny potato patch. 

Starting to corral the tomato jungle. Next time the rain stops, concentrated efforts!

Side bed. Working on prettying the front part - decided to scrap popcorn in the back. It's the squash, sunflower and pole bean patch. Only the sunflowers have failed to sprout. Bummer. 

Week of June 27th

Side bed, sans stubborn sunflowers

Tiny garden

beans, broccoli, potatoes

I pulled out the strawberry bed, it was sloppy and the bugs got more berries than I did. We'll try again in a few years. Now its the broccoli and cabbage bed.  

Chard, peas, runner beans

Three years ago I planted blueberry bushes. Do you see them? Yeah, me either. Which is why I picked the ones in buckets up half price at the hardware store, instead of reordering from my local nursery. 

Itty bitty potato patch. Just for fun, we'll get the bulk of ours from the community garden. 

It has just rained and rained and rained here. It's raining as I type this. I suppose it beats the drought of last year, but plants need sun as well as water!

None of my sunflowers have made it. I think they were eaten by the ant invasion that seems to be happening.

I did a lousy job trellising my peas this year. They are usually one of my best crops and I was just sloppy. So now I've got floppy, broken and tangled stalks. I'm gonna harvest of them for a little while longer then pull them and try again in the fall. My beautiful community garden will help fill in the gaps.

Every year I try so hard to be organized with companion and succession planting. This year was better than most, yet I've already thrown my plans into the wind and I'm back to winging it.

My peppers are tiny. I'm a little worried. They are also one of my best crops, but not this year. I'm hoping a good week or two of sunshine will help. I've added some Epsom salts and I've been adding fish emulsion to help too. I've never fertilized anything other than compost - but our compost pile is on hiatus while we build a new spot for it.

The garden never seems to be picture perfect. There's always weeds and overgrown grass and something in progress. Maybe someday.

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