Thursday, July 9, 2009

Racism is Alive and Well?

Kids might change "complexion" of club.

Apparently in Philadelphia, about 60 children belonging to a day camp paid dues for the summer, to use the pool at a private club. The club accepted the money and the members - until they showed up.

"The pool attendants came and told the black children that they did not allow minorities in the club and needed the children to leave immediately."

Is this racism? Or just a private club being selective about it's members, which they are in full legal right to do?

I, personally, think it's disgusting. I'm shocked, though I shouldn't be - that this kind of behavior continues in America. I know that we are still far from equality, but I find it incredibly sad that people - children - are still being treated differently based on the color of their skin.

How is it possible that this is still acceptable? I mean, the racism in this case couldn't be more blatant. This club took their money. Until they showed up and tried to swim. Because then, obviously, they were black. Oh no! The club has offered to refund their money, but it's too late and not enough in my opinion.

What about the lesson that this taught those children? That they are good enough to pay for, but not good enough to use the same membership and pool as white people (?)

Where do you stand? Is this a private club exercising their rights to limit membership, or is this a private club abusing those rights to exclude blacks?

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Jessie Pixie said...

I heard about this. It shocks me to a lesser extent in the fact that blacks are the majority of the Philadelphia population.... what was this club really expecting?

Even more so, I would love to meet these people that would face an enraged mob of parents whose children had been blatently discriminated against.