Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As if I wasn't feeling the guilt enough, while reading the news at work today - I came across this:

Kids who move more than three times have twice the suicide risk

Fabulous. This will be move four for Evan. Yes, each time the decision to move was made so we had more space and a better place for the kids (and it was better financially for us as well). Yes each time, we prepared Evan, kept in contact with friends. All the "right" things.

But has it been enough? I don't know. He's already expressed displeasure at moving this time. But this is it! We're done renting (sort of). We won't be moving for a long, long time. It is more than worth it to make this move, and if we didn't now - we'd have to in a year anyway.

But boy, reading that article hit me like a slap across the face this morning.

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