Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Snapshots: Series I

Photo taken by my MIL The Husbands band at Westcott Theater

Evan at Upstate Boogie Photo via Barefoot Goddess  - he loved watching this!

 Photo via Barefoot Goddess

 Photo via Barefoot Goddess

 Photo via Barefoot Goddess

 End of the season! As much as I love watching the boys play, 3 nights a week of double games was a bit much! Photo taken by my MIL




 At Dickie Betts and the Great Southern- free show!

 Lets not talk about how stuck we were and how we had to get our neighbor to come tow us off the hill.

As you can tell by all the photo credits, I've been pretty neglectful with taking my camera or making sure there were fresh batteries. Trying the best I can to savor summer. I'll be posting more regularly again soon, thanks for bearing with me while I take some time away. 

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Sara said...

Great pictures! Love the sky one! Looks like ya'll have been having a great summer.