Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Snapshots: Series II

Spent some time hiking at one of our favorite local places. It's the first time this summer I've been able to head out there and I'm so glad we made the time.

Squeezing in small batch nightly canning sessions.

And our first grilled pizza of the summer. I can not believe how quickly this summer is flying by.

Hope you're enjoying your days. See you soon!

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Gringa said...

Great pics! So pretty the hike. So pretty the pizza!!! I throw mine straight on the grill. That's a good idea you have there. I always have really irregularly shaped pizzas. How do you get yours so nice and round?

You know what one of my favoritest grilled pizzas ever was? It had shaved parmesan, arugula, and slice pears. And maybe a couple other things. Another cheese gruyere or however you spell it. IT was fantastic! I need to make one again.