Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Snapshots Series III (and birthday season begins!)

My moms birthday kicked us off on August 4th

mmmmm cake and ice cream

Mom and sister Holly at the Family Campout. My dad has 11 siblings and most of them (and their families) get together once a year for a weekend camping trip. It started when I was the age my oldest is now. It's been neat watching the generations go by. Now the cousins that were kids when it started are bringing our kids.

Mom and sister over for my birthday today. I know we all look pregnant, but only one of us actually is (ha!) Holly is due in February.

One of my favorite wines, which is giving me killer heartburn right this second. Is this what 30 is like?!

This boy cracks me up.

Kev cooked me scallops and steak tonight. nom, nom. And he is the official birthday cake maker. 2 birthday cakes down, 4 to go!

Next week I go back on my academic year schedule. Back to evenings at work, and 12 hour Sundays. :sigh: It's also opening, so overtime the next few weeks, right in the middle of birthday season and back to school. This time of year is always insane. I'll be continuing with snapshot posts for the rest of August and then hope to be spending a little more time in this space. . .


Sara said...

Great pictures! Been missing you! Sounds like a busy summer, though. You do NOT look pregnant. You look amazing. Congrats on the future niece/nephew!

Summer said...

Pssh at you looking pregnant! You are such a teeny little thing!!

And your world looks so nature-happy and peaceful, it makes me feel all mellow to look at the pics, lol.