Thursday, August 26, 2010

summer snapshots series four

Still busy, busy, busy and no end in sight. My academic year work schedule began again last Sunday so quite a bit of overtime coming up, I won't have a day off again until the 2nd. We bought a car, well a van, and it's not new but it was triple what I've ever spent on a car before and it makes me a little sickish. The next few weeks are still going to be jam packed but I should be posting with a little more regularity in the next week or so. I haven't even been keeping up on the blogs I like to read on a regular basis and I didn't realize how much I liked that little bit of time spent glimpsing into other peoples days and moments.

Anyway, I hope to be here more soon, but in the meantime here's a peek at what we've been up to:

 What 30 looks like. That happens to be a sweatshirt I've had since I was 15.

 My baby turned 7. SEVEN. Oh, my. We got him the soccer net, we need to find a good spot on our yard for it still. He wants to be a goalie.

See you again very soon!


Sara said...

AW! Happy belated bday to Colin! I must have missed a fb update. I can't believe he is 7! Love all the canning you have done. I'm so tempted to do some peach canning, but haven't. Still doing tomatoes. I am going to can some apples this fall.

Barefoot Goddess said...

Wow. Your canned goods look even more impressive than mine...I'm up to 56 jars, plus 4 in the fridge of refrigerator pickles....I was proud of that, but I'm even more impressed at yours!!

Little Messy Missy said...

I can also! Share your recipes pretty please. You only look 19!!!

Summer said...

Does that say "zucchini pickles"??

I miss the canning in my childhood, lol. Sneaking down into the basement to pop open some homemade grape juice was like the ultimate kiddo memory.

You look so cute in that picture, by the way, lol.