Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recipes for a woodstacking party.

How to host a wood stacking party.

First, invite friends who will actually show up and actually stack wood. yay!


Second - you find some children to help. Stacking wood is so much fun! What a great game!

ok, maybe you pay them a few dollars at the end. Only so they'll want to help you next year!

Beer helps.

Oh, it also helps to stay inside and cook food and drink wine - popping out only once in a while to take pictures. It makes wood stacking day much easier on you.

Forget to take pictures of all the food you made, so you have no proof that you actually did anything. Oops.

Pulled Pork

4 lb pork shoulder roast
BBQ Spice Rub

The night before, rub pork shoulder with BBQ spice rub cover and put in fridge.

The next morning, put pork shoulder in crock pot with just enough water to cover the bottom. 

Cook on low 8 hours. Shred pork apart using two forks

Add pint jar of homemade bbq sauce. Cook on low for another hour (or longer if need be, just watch to make sure it doesn't dry out).

BBQ Spice Rub
(store remaining rub in container for later use)

1/2 cup chili powder
3 tbs freshly ground black pepper 
4 tbs sugar
3 tbs coarse salt
2 tbs paprika


1lb ground beef
1lb ground hot italian sausage
1 jar homemade salsa (recipe fresh salsa from Ball Blue Book)
28oz can crushed tomatoes
2 Tbs chili seasoning
1 tsp cumin
diced onion
diced garlic

Saute onion and garlic in oil. Add sausage and beef and cook till browned. Put in crockpot, add remaining ingredients. Stir, cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours. I pulled the lid off for the last hour of cooking. 

Recipe to follow - by tonight!

Coleslaw (courtesy of Barefoot Goddess)

Roasted Fall Veggies

use any in season veggies. We used:
acorn squash
butternut squash

coat with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast at 425 for about 30 minutes, or until caramelized.

Hot Buttered Rum

This was very, very good - but very sweet! Next time I'd halve the sugar. And oh yes, there will be a next time! 

It was the perfect sipping drink for the bonfire at the end of the day!

2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup butter
1 pinch salt
2 quarts water
3 cinnamon sticks (I think 2 would be fine)
6 whole cloves
2 cups rum
whipped cream and nutmeg if desired 

Combine the brown sugar, butter, salt and hot water in 5 quart slow cooker. Add cinnamon sticks and cloves. Cover and cook on Low for 5 hours. Stir in rum. 

Ladle from the slow cooker into mugs, and top with whipped cream and a dusting of nutmeg. 

** The butter sort of oils on top a little bit - I found that if the cooker was on high, it helped to lessen that. I'm sure whipped cream would cover it too!

Thank you so very much to everyone who came out and helped!


Summer said...

This may be my favorite blog of yours, lol!!!

All that stuff sounds delicious!!!!

Sara said...

That is a lot of wood the wood chucker chucked. I am curious why you guys decided to stack it next to the house(?). Great idea on the party! I've stacked a lot of wood in my time and it is hard work. Some of my favorite pictures are of the guys bending over cutting/picking up wood. Love the food. I wanna come over and hang out.

City Sister said...

Sounds yummy and fun...I bet the rum helped out with the sore muscles that you feel the next day.

Anonymous said...

I live in a small town in western Massachusetts and just wanted to say I enjoy checking in with your blog. Your writing and photos reveal some similarities in our lives yet it's the differences as well that make it an overall decent place to check in!

gardenofsimple said...

Thank you so much!

gardenofsimple said...

Sara - the previous owner stacked his wood there, so we just do too. It makes it easy to grab in the winter. We're hoping to build an open sided/covered shed sort of thing off the deck (that we have yet to build!) ;D