Tuesday, October 19, 2010

well, I know what kind of blog this isn't

I still haven't figured out what sort of blog this is. Other than a rambling sometimes cohesive outpouring of my thoughts with the occasional food or craft thrown in.

But I think it's pretty clear by now that this just isn't a daily blog. I'd like it to be. But, well, sometimes I'm just really, really busy. Playing frontierville on facebook.

No, really though - I just haven't been able to get the motivation. First, I really was busy - with the van that apparently isn't ours (there might be more to come on that - let's see how motivated I am this week!) and canning a TON of peppers. Ok, like maybe 20 or 30 lbs? But it seemed like a ton! Oh, and apples, still. Disappointment in my job and perceived opportunities. A lot of reflection on my life and my future. And then there's my cat, the killer. And a friends birthday. And then I was sick, like thought I had some sort of horrible deadly flu sick, but turns out it only lasted a day and I'm actually fine.

It's easy to get out of the swing of things, isn't it? I don't know how in the world daily bloggers do it. I mean, my life just isn't that interesting all the time either. Today, for example: woke up, very slowly. Squabbled with The Husband. Drank coffee. Cleaned. Got the stuffed peppers ready and in the fridge for The Husband to cook tonight. Showered. Left a note for the kids. Came to work. Worked. Still working. When I'm done working I'll go home and plop on the couch and watch the biggest loser (and probably eat something sinful while I do it - I can't help it!) and then I'll go to bed.

See how exciting my life is sometimes?! But you know, that's part of why I started blogging - it made me stop and notice the small things, the good things that often get lost in the every day shuffle. I know I whine here fairly often. But that's life too and whining isn't always bad (unless it's my kids, then it's always bad) because sometimes the whining helps you see things in a new light too, you know?

Anyway, I should be here more. I will be here more. Because what I really, really, really need right now is to start noticing and appreciating everyday moments again.

But first I have some harvesting to do!


♥Cari♥ said...

Can't wait to see you around more - I love reading your blog :)

Gringa said...

What this blog isn't is lame or boring. I would love to see you post more often. I absolutely love everything about your blog--the thoughts, the recipes, the photos, all of it. I think you are amazing!