Monday, February 28, 2011

making progress

I'm going on 23 weeks already. That would seem like it was going much quicker if I could sleep! The hip pain has set in already and it's making for some long nights!

In other areas I've finally started making some progress too. Very, very slowly. It's there though. Laundry is almost caught up. House is passable for clean (just don't look too close!), I'm cooking regularly again and even picked up the knitting needles for the first time since before Christmas last night. I still haven't found this new rhythm, but it's getting there. I'll probably hit it just in time to have the baby and start all over!

One thing I need to get back into is picking up my camera. Last year I was finally in the habit of carrying it and documenting the everyday moments instead of just the big ones. And now? Yeah, no. I haven't taken a picture since Disney. So for at least this week (um, starting tomorrow?) I plan on taking at least ONE picture a day. I really enjoy when I'm doing that. I seem to notice and feel grateful for so much more. It does add an element of awareness and beauty to everyday. I'm no photographer, I just have a several year old point and shoot but the point isn't perfection.

So, my picture today will still be one of progress, just not from today! Progress in growing a baby, and maybe a little progress in raising a not always happy or affectionate soon to be teen.

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