Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn Curtains

I've been trying to get back into doing little craft projects here and there - I've been seriously slacking.

I told you about tumblr - where I can save and track all the little inspirations I come across. And Soulemama continues to be a source of inspiration for creating a handmade home.

Last week I took about an hour to myself and whipped up these curtains quick. The embroidery around the leaves I've been working on in stolen moments here and there, so that's not quite completed and I would like a second panel for the 2 windows. But it didn't take much time at all to add a little personality and warmth. I'm already thinking of Christmas valances :)

A couple of years ago a piece of red something ended up in a batch of linen I was washing. It stained the fabric and I tried to get it out - but there were still some swirls of pink. I put the fabric away and figured I could use it for a cutter project down the road. It's been probably 3 years since then and that's what I pulled out for these curtains. The coloring is barely noticeable on the window, like it would be up close. It took about 45 minutes to cut and sew the fabric into curtains. Easy enough!

Then I just cut out a couple of leaves out of felt - creating an embroidery swirly trail - fused the leaves on and now am embroidering around that. In all, I've spent maybe 2.5 hours on them - not bad! It's been great with the embroidery because I can "steal" a couple minutes here and there to work on it.

I'm still working on knitting, and now crocheting, but without a ton of luck so far (still!) I think I'm going to have to sit down with my mother in law for a couple hours one of these days.

How are you incorporating the season into your home?

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Sara said...

I love your curtains! Very fall and whimsical! Great job!