Friday, October 16, 2009

Outdoor Dining

I've been on the lookout for an old real wood table for the backyard since we moved in August - I wasn't having much luck though. Originally I wanted a patio set - but the prices are pretty outrageous, and there wasn't really anything I loved.

Not long ago I began keeping an inspiration file.

One afternoon, a few weeks ago, the husband and I were wandering through the restore looking for odds and ends for projects for the house. We were hoping for some beams or boards to start  building the back deck. We didn't find much for that, but we they did have a huge collection of wonderful old doors - and among those doors I found this:

I actually hugged it. In the store, put my arms around it and hugged it. I love it. AND it was only 10 bucks! So, we brought it home, I varnished the top - Kev built legs and now we have an outdoor table - yay!

And this morning - yes - that's snow. Hmph.

The plan is for next summer to have a deck where the pebbles are. I'm still working on the seating, eventually we'll have a nice mix of unmatched chairs too.

Because we found the wood for the legs at the restore too and the paint I already had, the total table cost less than 15 dollars - and each chair so far was less than 3 dollars. So way less and way more personal than a patio set.

We still have a lot of work we want to do in the backyard but this was one thing I was anxious to get done and I'm beyond pleased with the way it came out.

Now, if we actually had a day without rain (or snow!!) maybe I could use the table . . .

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Sara said...

I love the table!!! Very clever and frugal! Kevin did a great job! And I can totally see you hugging a door. ;)