Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bright as yellow, warm as yellow

Grey. Grey, grey, grey.

That's all I've seen the past few weeks.

I love autumn. Adore it. It's by far my favorite season. And we have wonderful, beautiful vibrant autumns - for about two weeks every year.

I live in an area where we have winter for about 9 months -  spring for 2 weeks, summer for 2.5 months and fall for 2 weeks. I'm only slightly kidding.

The rain is stealing my little slice of autumn. It has been grey and dreary and rainy for almost 3 weeks. We've had little splashes of sunshine here and there, but not nearly enough to satisfy my longing for a crisp, bright, colorful fall day.

So, last week, needing desperately to bring some sunshine into my life - I pulled everything out of our pantry and painted the shelves yellow. It's not quite as deep or bright of a yellow as I pictured - but it helps. It's brighter. It makes me smile. It gives me a little sunshine on grey days.

I'm no photographer, so the pictures don't really capture it well. I think eventually I'll paint the walls a creamy white instead of the beige. But, one thing at a time :D


Sometimes you just need to find - or create - joy in the little every day things.

On a side note - how do you spell grey? I guess grey is a colour, while gray is a color (!) but grey just looks right to me.


Sara said...

Great job! That is a pretty yellow. I agree on the creamy white. or you could do a barn red... lol ;)

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

That flour tin...I have the same one!

The weather here has been terrible too. It's so sad. I can feel myself becoming more depressed by the day. All I want is a little bit o' sunshine.