Thursday, October 22, 2009


About 5 years ago now, I taught myself to sew. I really loved patchwork skirts and pants and purses but they were so expensive and I just knew I could make them on my own. And I can. And have. Learning to sew was sometimes frusterating, but mostly satisfying. And it was flexible, because it didn't have to be perfect - I could mess up and figure out a way to fix it.

But sewing isn't always portable.

My mother in law knits (she's made our children some beautiful hats, mittens and sweaters and my favorite blanket ever) and sometimes, while we're all hanging out having a glass of wine, she'll knit while she chats. Or she'll knit at the kids soccer games. It looked so calming.

Also, since I quit smoking (twice since the first time I wanted to learn to knit - this time successfully!) I thought it would be great for keeping my hands busy. Or when I come home from work and the Husband is watching football.

So I got needles. And yarn. And looked up some instructions online. And So, I asked my mother in law to show me - and she did - and it made perfect sense. I got it this time for sure, right?

Except I got home and didn't have it.

This went on for the last 4 or more years. Every 6 months or so I'd pull it out and it wouldn't be long before I shoved it back in the bag. Sometimes I'd be getting it and going along - but then I would make a mistake and just couldn't figure out how to fix it. Stupid knitting.

But I soooooo wanted to learn. I really, really wanted to knit.

Last week I sat back down with my mother in law. And this time, I think I really do have it. The knitting part anyway, cause that's the only thing I'm doing. I guess it's called the garter stitch? That's all I've got. But I'm elated - because I've got it! yay! And, I even made a mistake, and even fixed it well enough that you can barely tell where it was ;D

I'm looking forward to learning more and more! yay knitting!


Sara said...

NICE!!! So excited for you! Knitting and crochet are wonderful ways to keep your hands busy. Knitting is harder for me to do around the kids. I feel like I just can't drop it and run after them. Crochet, I can just drop no matter where or what I'm doing, it is that mindless and easy to NOT drop stitches. Keep going, chickie!!!

Betsy said...

I'm dying t learn to knit, too! I tend to stop and start, too.