Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Handmade Holidays - Ready, Set, Go!

So. As I mentioned, I procrastinate. Lots. And it's not happening this year. No way.

I figure if I can come up with a plan or mini goals or, I dunno, something -then maybe I can stay on task

I might round out my goals more as the days go on - but I need to start somewhere, yeah?

Mini goal for this week: Fleece pajama bottoms the boys (and The Husband).

Just freaking do it goal: Fleece blankets for the boys.

These are super easy projects to kick off the countdown. I don't want to be stressing in the last couple weeks till Christmas. I want to be relaxing. And drinking eggnog. And enjoying my family. I don't want a last minute rush and flurry of plastic (toys and wrappers and credit - oh my!)

Speaking of no plastic (or paper . . .) if you've been following my tumblr you may have seen this already - but I came across this cool site on how to wrap all sorts of presents in cloth: Furoshiki. They also sell the cloth, but um, I'm thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to cut some fabric on my own.

Alright. I should be reporting back next week with this weekends goals finished. Yell at me if I don't :D

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Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

I am making my MIL a blanket...I have all of the stuff for it, but haven't started it yet. I can already see myself in a mad frenzy days before Christmas trying to get this blanket made! lol