Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weeks Review

We had a pretty busy week. We didn't host Thanksgiving this year, though I would have loved to - we went to my parents for dinner, then to the in-laws for dessert. It was nice, but I was exhausted by the time we got home. Probably all the food, and nothing to do with all the wine.

We went to Phish in Syracuse (first Syracuse show in 15 years, and a hometown one for us!) on the 22nd and to first night Albany on the 28th. We didn't have tickets to second night, which was fine, even though the set list looked amazing. I work loooong days on Sundays and I'm getting a little to old to pull in those long nights now :)



We also drove home on the 28th, getting in at about 3am. I like my bed. My husband is a good man for driving us home at midnight. It was nice to be able to wake up at home and still hit up the market on Saturday.

Kitty is adjusting well, we all love her. Except for one huge problem. She refuses to use her litterbox.

* caution, potty talk ahead*

She goes on the tile by the woodstove, the corner of the bathroom, on the tile behind our wine rack and once in our bedroom on the hardwoods behind the bike.

She’s staying to tile as far as I can tell - but it’s getting seriously old.

A few days ago there were two pee spots on the tile by the woodstove, so I cleaned it up and then seconds later she went to both those spots, whined and then slid between the wood holder and the basket of newspapers, I pulled the papers out and she was pooping.

So I took the poop and her and put her in the litterbox in the bathroom. Shut the door and went upstairs to take a shower, I came to let her out a half hour later - she had peed in the shower. Her litterbox was right.there. !!

On Thursday we were gone for about 10 hours. I put her in the mudroom with her box and food a blanket and some toys. I really, really hate confining her to the bathroom or mudroom, but I'm not sure what else to do. We got home and there was no poop or pee anywhere. Not in her box and not on the floor. Less than 5 minutes later she had pooped in the corner of the bathroom by the shower. She’s gone there probably 5 times now.

She’s also going behind our wine rack in the corner of the kitchen. I’ve found she doesn’t usually go back after I wipe down a spot with clorox. So last night I got more clorox wipes and cleaned those corners.

I even went and got her a second box 2 days ago. I was using tidy cat and it was scented and the granules were kinda big, but it's what the previous owners used so that's what I had started with too. You know, so I'd avoid litter problems. So I got arm and hammer unscented and it’s a finer texture. I have an open small sided box in the downstairs bathroom and I also got her a box with deeper sides and a dome lid and have moved the wine rack and put that in the corner of the kitchen. She has TWO litterboxes in different locations that she frequently goes in.

This morning there was poop in the downstairs shower.

I don’t know what else to do. I’ve changed her litter. I’ve gotten her a new box. We put her in there with the poop every time we clean it up. I’ve only found pee twice which worries me. I’ve tried keeping her in a room so she can’t just go anywhere in the house and she freaking held it. For HOURS.

Today, The Husband found piles of poop behind our computer.

I'm lost. I don't know what else to do, what else to try. We love the kitty, even The Husband, who hates (says he) cats, really likes her. But we can't keep doing this. It's been two weeks and I'm out of ideas.

So. That's been our adventures in kitty raising so far.

We're making progress on Christmas gifts, I've got a bunch of stuff to share, hopefully later this week. I did get the kids pajama pants and pillowcases done. They are so, so easy to make, but I hope to post a quick little tutorial later this week anyway.

We started pulling out the decorations and I've been listening to tons of Christmas music already.

My six year old was insisting the other day that there is no Santa. His "whole school" told him last year. I'm so not ready to give this up yet :(

Hope your holiday week was wonderful!


Marianna said...

Sorry to hear of your kitty troubles. Was she litter trained for the previous owners?? It could be an adjustment issue...The best thing to do is to take her to the box several times during the day, place her in it, use her little paws to "dig". She'll probably jump right back out, but keep doing it over and over. Everytime she has and accident take her there with the evidence and "help" her cover it up. When you can watch her closely and take her to the box when she starts showing need to go signs...

I would also reccomend getting an enzyme cleaner that will completely eliminate the odor where she has been going. Their noses are super strong so even with the bleach she will still be able to smell her spots and will continue going back to them.

Good luck!

Summer said...

The best trick I have learned is to put citrus smells where the kitty is going. Cats effing hate citrus smells, lol.

And a trick to force them into litter using is to put them in a bathroom or other small room with the litter box. I think they need to stay there for two or three days, and once they start using the box, then they come out, if they stop, then start it over again so that they learn that is the issue. Is pitiful and they whine, but I am told it works. My brother just had to do this with the kitten they adopted.

gardenofsimple said...

Marianna, good call on the pet cleaners - I haven seen those but forgot all about them!

Summer- I think that's what it's going to come down to. I hate having to like, lock her in a tiny room, but I've got nothing else. She *has* to start using that box soon!!

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

Ya know...we are having the EXACT same problem with our cat. She poops in one area of the downstairs hallway ALL THE TIME. This isn't an adjustment issue because we have had her for 3 years. She did this at first...but then grew out of it. I don't know what has prompted her to do this again as absolutely nothing has changed...but we are on the verge of getting rid of her. It's just gross!

Sara said...

I'd kennel her or confine her to a small room until she goes consistently in the litter box. It could take a couple of weeks, but worth it in the end.

My rabbit litter box training is happening and I just keep putting the poop back in the litter box to encourage them to poop/pee in there. We are having a 80% success rate. Someone is refusing and is pooping and peeing in the hay. *sigh* I think it is Boomer Man. He's been looking at me sly.

The enzyme cleaner is a good idea. Nature's Miracle in Orange Scent works best for us.

kiki said...

You're such a good hippie - I've never seen Phish. Looks like a blast!