Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is what happens . . .

So. Didn't get the pajama pants or robes or blankets done. (surprised?)

My plan was to spend two Fridays ago getting a few Christmas projects knocked off my list. But Colin stayed home sick. So instead we spent the day making applesauce, snuggling, doing laundry, reading books. I squeezed in some time in the late evening to whip out a couple of quick flannel pillowcases though. I've been sewing for several years and have never made a pillowcase! Why? Soooo fun and easy. I'm hooked.

The change in my plans had me a little frustrated at first. Not just because I couldn't get done what I had planned, but because I had specifically and decidedly swore to myself that I was going to get it done. To stop my cycle of procrastination.

But, sometimes life is what happens instead. So I took some time. Slowed down. Got some other things done. And am back on track this week. I did take the time to pick up some supplies for a couple other projects - so that I'm ready, when I'm ready.

This weekend, there wasn't time either - since my uncle was in town staying with us - and my husbands band - Boots N Shorts had their CD release party

I found the time to be talked into doing something drastic (for me!) with my hair though.


I know. That was just over a week ago. So it has faded quite a bit into a nice strawberry, coppery kind of shade.

I had bought a darker auburn dye to go over it because it was sooo intense and very "Look at me!"

It's been about a week, and it's faded nicely and I like the strawberry copper it's faded to. I don't know how to maintain this shade though - I've heard red is really hard to keep up. So we'll see.

It was not a color I would have chosen for myself. It's not a color I loved at first.

But, it was kind of a big deal for me. Yeah me - who used to switch hair colors on a practically monthly basis. Who went florescent pink in high school. Who used bleach - like actual Clorox - on my hair.

Since the birth of my youngest son, I've changed a little I think. I've matured. Grown up. Gotten a real job (sort of).  I've stopped taking risks - in even the safest of things - like hair color. For the last 6 years I haven't strayed too far extreme on either side of blond or brunette. For 6 years I've worn it long, usually straight, and parted down the middle.

Doing this shook things up a bit. It was refreshing. It was freeing. It was really, really nice to not feel so - muddy - anymore. It wasn't anything big. Just hair. Just a normal shade - a little bright. Very red. But normal. It was just - something - to do it though. I wouldn't have, if I hadn't been slightly coerced by my friend and husband. But I'm glad I did. Even if I don't keep it, it was fun to try. 

My plan (yeah, yeah, yeah) is to have some gift projects to share later this week! Hope your weekends were good ones and your holiday planning is moving along (better than mine!)


Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

I love the hair!

Sara said...

Yay on Kevin's CD release!!! How exciting!

Good luck on getting the projects done. I still feel behind.

The hair is beyond the comfort zone and I'm glad you took the leap. And you are embracing it. :D

kiki said...

I LOVE the red hair!

Kev looks adorable in that band pic!