Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Poptarts

I first saw the idea for this over at this site. I kept it saved on my tumblr to remember to try it one day. Then I forgot, and remembered and forgot. So the idea has been bouncing around for several months. Then, while making Grandmother Bread I saw another recipe for it. So decided to try it with what I had on hand.

I had frozen pie dough from a killer sale I couldn't pass up a couple months ago. Too bad I don't like the dough. I didn't like it as a pie, and I didn't like it with these either. It was Pillsbury, and I've never tried pre-made dough like that before. It wasn't terrible, but it tasted heavy, dense, oily and well, not homemade. It just wasn't right.

I also used up the last of my blueberry jam to make one batch, and made another with brown sugar and cinnamon. Aside from the dough being not quite right these were simple, easy and the kids loved them. I'd love to try freezing some to have on hand for a quick snack. I think with homemade crust (and of course homemade jam) these would be awesome.

Mine don't quite look like pop-tarts. More like jam pastries I guess, but they tasted pretty good.

I used the recipe over at Chickens in the Road and I think next time I'm going to follow the steps at the first site I posted. It's a pretty easy, basic idea but each site had a slightly different way of trying it. And definitely homemade crust next time.

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Sara said...

Looks interesting! I haven't had pop-tarts in over a decade. May be time to try it. Jesse likes a cooked pastry, bagel, toast or fruit for breakfast. She doesn't like cereal. These would fit the bill for her.