Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Ramblings

I had posted this quote that I really loved last night :The Paradox of our Age: by Bob Moorehead. It's really wonderful and inspirational. Then someone pointed out that he was a pastor who had 17 members of his church allege that he sexually assaulted them. Well, now. That kind of ruins that happy little quote for me.

: /

So I deleted it.

I mean, the words are the same but it seems wrong now to appreciate them. Does that make sense? I wonder how often I do that without realizing it. Disregarding someones words because of how I feel about them?

It was cold when I woke up this morning. It's often cold in the mornings because the wood stove simmers out overnight and the radiator is set to come on at 56. But it felt unusually cold. Coming downstairs we could see that's because sometime overnight the strong winds flew open the back door, wide open. So our radiator located not far from the back door was running as hard as it could, but it was still 42 in the house. So glad I've been keeping the radiator off during the day and set low at night to save fuel. Just for it all to be run in the 4-8 hours the door was probably open. I have it running now just to get the house back up to temp, then I'm going to have to be even more conservative with it.

We used to get free heat in some of our apartments, and we always kept it set to 68-70, which I thought was comfortable. Now our house often hovers around 62-66. It never feels that cold though. Maybe we've gotten used to it? Maybe it's the difference in wood vs forced heat? Sometimes I think my friends are cold when they come over. I try to keep  it at a comfortable temperature for guests, but I get hot and uncomfortable at 68-70 now.

I love this house so much. I mean, there are some changes. I'm going to paint and change around the mudroom a little. We have plans to build a playset and a deck and down the road a garage. I wish our basement was usable space, but it's cool in it's own way. Sometimes I look around and can't believe I actually live here. Can't believe how blessed we are. And the person renting/selling us the house thinks we're a blessing to him. He loved this house so much too. I'm just so, so glad my kids finally have a permanent place to call home.

The kids have a half day today. I kind of wish they had a full day. I kind of feel guilty for thinking that. I just need a day. I need a day to putter around and clean up. Do some sewing. Maybe finally take a bath in my huge awesome bathtub that I've never used.

The Husband is at school today too. His last semester  - finally! It's been a looong time coming. He has student teaching after this so it's another year before he'll get a job. And he still has to get his masters, but he has 5 years to do that and can teach in the meantime. I'm so ready to move on to this next phase of our life.

I feel like I'm getting old. I'm not, I know. But I'll be 30 this year. I know it's just a number, but it's weighing on my mind. I did a lot in my twenties. Finished college, raised children , got a real (kind of) job, got married, got a house (kind of) but I still feel like those years just flew by and there was so much more I should have done.

I think we finally have enough snow to go skiing. Yay!

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Sara said...

It happens a lot in groups...that "how I feel about you affects what I think about what you say." Completely normal.

Can't believe the wind blew your door open! That sucks! Wood heat always feels warmer to me.

I'm ready for the next phase in our lives too. I feel like we've been living marking time for the last few years. No future goals and no strides toward anything new.

Valkyrie said...

Your twenties were busy! Honestly, the 30s was by far, by FAR, the best decade of my life. That's when it all came together for me.

I hope you get to go skiing!