Friday, January 22, 2010

What's with Today, Today?

I think I need to watch Empire Records again soon it's been on my mind. (the title posts).

I did end up deleting my profile from the online communities that I mentioned the other day. It's kind of bittersweet. In many ways, I'm glad I did. It's freeing. It's relieving. It's just a really nice feeling to have it gone. In other ways, it's sad. That community has been a huge, huge part of my life for most of my twenties. It's where I went for support. It's where I turned to share good news. It's a very, very strange feeling to not have that anymore.

I was antsy this morning. I think partly because of some of my thoughts still lingering on everything around my decision to leave that community. And I think partly because I've just been doing a lot of nothing lately. A lot of sitting.

So even though I felt like doing nothing but sitting on the couch and catching up on a favorite TV series we picked up on DVD the other day, I got up and got moving. Made some Grandmother Bread again.

While that was rising I sewed up some bread bags really quickly. I have some great ideas to make some nicer bread bags and some more grain/produce bags but I just whipped these out really fast.

I also made a couple new curtains just using some fabric from my stash. I've been having a lot of fun changing out the kitchen curtains every few months.


While the bread was on it's second rise, The Husband and I hiked the hill behind our house. The weather was really beautiful today and felt more like March or April than January.

I am so out of shape. It's maybe a 3 mile hike up to the top. It's pretty steep and I was having a hard time with it. Not so much my body, my lungs. I had the same problem running this past summer. 15 years of smoking, I suppose. It's been a year since I quit, though I have had a couple here and there. I need to build up my lungs though, I really want to run again.

This was the first time we made it to the top of the hill, we found a neat stream and a pond at the very top. It felt so, so good just to get outside and get moving for a little while.


It was just what I needed.


Earth Mama said...

I love the new curtains and I totally hear you about "being out of shape". I used to be a runner, and a more avid hiker, and now, well, I just don't get to do those things too often, and when I do...I think the same thing, "jeeze, I'm outta shape!"

ps- the stuff is actually called play foam, there's a link on my post) and it is nothing like the god awful moon sand. This stuff is "dry", not goopy or anything.


Sara said...

It was a good decision. Glad you got to moving and the curtains look amazing. Love the "Made with Love". The hike sounds great. Beautiful pictures. :)