Tuesday, March 16, 2010

making ricotta

I tried making ricotta last Friday. It was interesting. Not a whole lot different from making mozzarella. You heat it to 195. And I couldn't figure out where all my curds went at first. With mozzarella the curds form on the top of the whey. With ricotta they sink to the bottom.

I followed the instructions from my New England Cheese Making Kit

I ended up hanging the ricotta  a little over an hour because I was making dough and sauce and mozzarella too.

I think that was too long, it was a little dry. I'll probably try it once or twice more - but so far I wasn't too impressed.

I'll keep you updated on the progress!

So far, I'm loving the mozzarella!

(that looks gross, it's not - promise!)


Fleecenik Farm said...

You mozzarella is beautiful!

Jodi said...

Your mozzarella looks much smoother (and shinier) than mine! I guess I'd better keep practicing. :-)