Monday, April 12, 2010

Just what I needed

This morning, while reading  Earth Mama's blog, she made mention of a quote she had read on another blog, which led me to Old Recipe for a New World and to the quote:

When sitting, just sit.

When eating, just eat.

When walking, just walk.

When talking, just talk.

When listening, just listen.

When looking, just look.

When touching, just touch.

When thinking, just think.

When playing, just play.

And enjoy the feeling of each moment and each day.

 ~ Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

 Oh my. How glad I am that I came across these words this morning. 

As you could probably tell from yesterdays post, I'm feeling a bit mixed up.

hello, sunshine

I've been on a journey to find balance, serenity, mindfulness in my life. And sometimes I feel like I'm really balancing it all. I'm walking along with my head held high, sure of my footing. I feel peaceful and happy and balanced.
And then all it takes is something small, to make my lose my footing and I waver or fall. 

I wonder if I'll ever get into a rhythm where I feel balanced most days, instead of the other way around. I hope so. I'm working towards it. And words like those above, goodness - they help. Deep breath, begin again.

"Breathe it all in slow, breathe all your doubts away"
                                                                                  ~ u-melt, question matters


Sara said...

I love it! It needs to become my new mantra.

kiki said...

Amazing photos Crystal!!

It's great when you remember to breathe :)