Tuesday, April 6, 2010

year in review

A year ago today, I started blogging. I planned for a give-away today to celebrate (ok, I didn't really plan for it or there would be one, but I thought about it!) but in typical Crystal fashion, I didn't get it together in time. I hope to still have one by the end of the month, so keep an eye out!

So a year ago, I opened up blogger and started typing. I didn't know what the heck the blog was for then, and I don't now either. It's still a mix of random-ness from my life, but I've been having fun doing it. It's nice to be able to connect with like-minded people. It's nice to throw some ideas and thoughts out there to bounce around.

In the past year I've made a lot of goals and promises to myself. I've totally failed at most of them:

The Sustainable Challenge - fail.

One Pretty Thing - fail.

Getting involved in Syracuse First - fail.

Recipe of the week - fail.

Household organizer - fail.

Kitchen challenge - total fail.

So, really. Is it a huge surprise that I was unprepared with a give-away?

But, one of my very first posts was on wanting to live more intentionally. And I think I've done well with that. It's ongoing, it probably always will be. But having this blog, and my 365 blog has really, really helped me slow down and pay attention to all the little moments that make up my days. I've made it a point through out the year to come back to that idea, of living with more intention.

In the last year, in addition to all those failures, I've also had some accomplishments!

We moved, into our forever house!

I've made bread, successfully!

I've been learning to make cheese!

I finally canned!

And of course, there were the every day joys: hiking, weekending.

side note: I've added some tabs to the left side pane, I've got to rework my tags, but it should be easier to navigate through older posts now, if your interested

Thank you, for coming along on this journey with me. In the next year I hope to concentrate on actually accomplishing my goals! I'm already well on my way (green living goals and 30 before I'm 30)!

And now, some favorite pictures from the last year (man, I loved going through those old posts and reliving the last year! Some of these are blurry, I don't know if it's because I saved from blogger then re-uploaded?)

April 09 hiking

 May 09

 June 09, fathers day

July 09, Ithaca NY

Summer 09

Summer 09

Summer 09, home

Fall 09 apple picking

August 09, 10 dollar beers.

Halloween 09

Fall 09, Albany

December 09

December 09, first Christmas home.

February '10

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

Looking forward to another year of rambling on about nonsense, learning, growing, living and learning - with you!



Earth Mama said...

What alovely year in review! I try to focus on the things I have done rather then the ones I've not been so successful at accomplishing too. We LOVE Ithaca. Who wouldn't? Love the Mario and Luigi costumes.


Sara said...

I love the pictures! I especially love that you have shared them and I got to go along. :D

Your utter failure had me literally LOLing. You crack me up. Can't wait to follow the next year and see what you can get into. :D

Valkyrie said...

I just love you! And yeah, your list of fails made me laugh too. :-)