Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen Challenge

Jodi over at Living The Road Less Traveled posted a kitchen challenge.

Basically Epicurious has a top ten list of the most difficult dishes to make.

So we're making them! Are you in?

Here's the list

1.Savory souffles

2. Coq au vin

3. Mole

4. Beef Wellington

5. Napoleons

6. Paella

7. Puff pastry

8. Baked Alaska

9. Croissants

10. Sourdough bread

So, first up - souffle! I've never made one, and never had a desire to - so this may be interesting!


Sara said...

Uh, yeah. Good luck! I don't know what 6 of those items are made from. Baked Alaska? Are they talking lobster? Looking forward to seeing your process!

Jodi said...

T has already informed me he will NOT be eating the souffle. We have chickens for eggs but my husband doesn't eat eggs. Go figure. ;-)
Thanks for joining me!

gardenofsimple said...

lol - I thought baked alaska was a fish main meal - it's a dessert!