Monday, February 22, 2010

Cooking on a wood (heating) stove

It would be sweet if I had a woodstove like this

But I don't. I have one like this.


And it's still pretty sweet.

We've lived here since August and it's only just occuring to me to use the heat to cook on it. Okay, not just occuring - I've thought of it once or twice before, for boiling tea water. But I'm pretty sure I could do a fair amount of cooking on it, yes? I think so.


So far all I've done is boil tea water and water for noodles. That pot in the middle is there all the time. I just keep water and a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg and old orange peels in it. It smells good and helps keep moisture in the air.

I've been trying to find better information on it, because I'm a research/needs instructions type of gal. I've found a lot of information on cooking on wood cook stoves, but not very much on cooking on wood heat stoves. Maybe it's common sense for a lot of people? Or no one cares? Or I stink at googling.

Then today, I stumbled across this:


I want it. Oh boy. I should wait though. I just ordered books. And I also just bought two more books after the dentists this morning (more on that later). I can't help it. I love books.

So, I'm going to put off buying it. Winters winding down. I'll just keep boiling and experimenting on my own (better pull out the cast irons). And I'll keep that book tucked away for next winter.

Oh, speaking of books - I'm experimenting with tabs. I added a section on recommended reading - it's a work in progress (both the tabs and the reading section) so it will be changing/added to a lot in the next few weeks I'm sure.

Please feel free to share your tips/recommended reading on wood stove cooking with me! You can comment or find my e-mail in the handy-dandy where to find me tab!


Earth Mama said...

Lehmans has the coolest sustainable stuff. I love looking and brainstorming over there. Sometimes we wrap some potatos in tin foil and throw them in the coals in our woodstove. Works pretty good and tastes better too. Kinda like food tastes better when cooked over a campfire.


Jodi said...

I have a problem with books, too. I like the DIY type. And cookbooks. Good Lord, do I love cookbooks. I've got near 30 of them after just paring down a tad a few months ago.

Good luck cooking on the wood stove! I've only ever boiled water for tea on one, too. (I'm scared to damage the top - it's the one at my in-laws camp. If it was my own, I could see myself with the cast iron on it. lol).

Be sure to share your expirements!

Barefoot Goddess said...

I would approach it not as cooking on a stove, but as cooking on a campfire...hope that helps!