Friday, February 12, 2010

My cat poops in the shower.

You may remember the litter training issues we had with kitty. We thought it was all under control. Her litter box is in our downstairs bathroom and occasionally, if we didn't scoop her box everyday, she would go in the shower. Her box was changed yesterday, but she went twice in the shower and again, just now. After I spent the whole day cleaning and mopping and doing laundry and scrubbing showers.

She went and pooped in the freaking shower.

AND I found kitty pee by the wine rack again while I was mopping.
Nothings changed. Same box, same location, same litter. Scooped every day for picky kitty. And she repays me by pooping in the shower again.

At least she's nice enough to try and cover it.

Only there's no litter in the shower, so she really just scratches it all around and makes it worse.



Jenny said...

Oh man. We used to have a cat like that. I think it ran away. Or else my ex-husband found a way to make it run away. I wonder why they do that? Maybe you need a cat whisperer.

Marianna said...

That's stinks (no pun intended!) I hope she figures it out...I wish I had some really good advice for you. Has she been checked for worms?? I don't know if that would be part of the problem or not, but worth a try.

Thanks for stopping by today and for your very nice comment about my house. Unfortunately, our snow is about half melted already. It will probably be completely gone by tomorrow afternoon. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Good luck with Kitty!

Valkyrie said...

Bad Kitty!

I was reading the other day that cats might poop various places to mark territory. She might keep doing that because you keep cleaning it up, so she has to reestablish the shower as her territory. Still, that is such a pain!

I've never had any problems with boy cats, but I have had a couple of girl cats and inevitably, they were very inconsistent using the litter box. So I won't ever have a girl cat again.

She's really cute though! Aaaaawwwww, I love kitties.