Thursday, February 25, 2010

winter walk.

I get so frustrated sometimes, not being able to capture what I see onto film. I went for a walk yesterday morning, very early. It so beautiful. The sky was grey, but everything was shimmering - coated in the fresh fallen snow. These pictures just don't show that. I really want to take a photography class - but I can't afford the camera's they call for. I wonder if they have rental programs or where I could find used ones?

What I wanted to do after the kids got on the bus was go back to bed. I'm sick again. I don't know how. I just got better. Anyway, I wanted to rest. But I couldn't stop looking outside. I had to get out there. So I poured my coffee, put on a sweater and boots and went walking. And it felt sooooo good.

In January I walked around on a morning very similar. Then it was quiet. Everything was still.

Not this time. The woods were alive - animals scampering and so many birds. It was lovely.

I went alone, which normally I'm afraid to do. I find I feel less afraid in the winter, walking alone. Maybe because everything is so bare - just laid open for you.

It was absolutely enchanting, like a fairy tale. You don't go very far up the trail in our backyard before you're completely surrounded by woods and I had to stop several times just to pause and take it all in. It was hard to believe I was standing in the middle of something so beautiful.








Sara said...

Those pictures are great! Love the landscape one. Your walk sounds so peaceful. Hope you feel better soon.

Country Girl said...

I think your camera takes good pics. I especially like the one with your in hand and the last photo rocks.

gardenofsimple said...

thanks! :D

Jodi said...

How peaceful.