Thursday, February 4, 2010

Organization, cont.

A while ago I posted about a household organizer. I won't admit how I'm not really working on that. I mean, what?

I threw this together the other day using materials already on hand. Scrapbook paper, file folders, a piece of cardboard to stick it all to and well, that's it. I want to get some magnet sheets to put it on the fridge. The Husband thinks it's silly. Pssh. It didn't come out as well as I imagined, there's some bubbling from the modge podge - but it works for now anyway. We have a growing pile of papers on our kitchen island that need to be tamed.

I just modge podged the inside and outside of a couple of file folders, made some labels and stapled it all together. Which, I should have stapled it and THEN put the outside paper on, but I was sick. So I didn't think of that till after. I'm totally blaming that all on my cloudy head. I'm going to go ahead and blame the not smoothed out parts on the sick too.

I took the inspiration first from Tumblr, but them later saw it over on Bright and Blithe which is where it looks like it originated.



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Audra said...

Very cute (and handy)! I really like the school one with the printing. At our house, if it's not really easy to access then it won't get used. I bet the front of the fridge will work great! Hope you are feeling better.