Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eight Years.

I wish I had better pictures, but our files are scattered after our computer died a couple weeks ago, and some of these are pre-digital cameras for us, so they are pictures of pictures! 

It's been eight years since I tagged along to visit a friend together. Eight years since the phone call back. Eight years since I glided right into love. Didn't fall - wasn't swept away by - just settled right on in to love. 

We grown together - older, wiser, bigger (ahem!)

 We've learned to cook good food - real food. We grew food. We've learned how to make wine and beer. We've adjusted priorities. Saved money, spent a lot of money. Traveled. Bought a car, got rid of a car. Fought and made up. And then fought and made up again (and again and again). 


We've made babies. Raised babies into children.Gone to soccer games and baseball games and orchestra recitals. Paced floors with sick children, slept on floors alongside very awake children. We've moved, and moved and moved and moved again. We've gone from our very young twenties into our thirties.


We watched friends get married. We got married.

It's been eight years, today. And I know that it's still only the beginning.



And every single step of the way - on the hardest days and on the easiest and best - I've always been so glad that our journey has been together.


Barefoot Goddess said...

Now that I'm engaged...all this reminiscing stuff makes me all teary and sentimental! Congratulations you guys, and here's to many more years for all of us together!!!

Earth Mama said...

so sweet.