Wednesday, September 8, 2010

right now, I am . . .

 Inspired by Earth Mama:
"Every Wednesday I will post a post with one image combined with a short sentence that starts out as "right now, I AM...". This simple exercise helps me to take a moment out of my day to open my eyes, take a look around, and see something wonderful that is right in front of me that I can truly appreciate. Whenever I do this simple task, I can feel my heart swell with gratitude for the life I have.
 I really believe that together we can help each other to shine the abundance of good that we see all around us. That to me is a very wonderful, aware, and proactive momentum to set off on"

right now I AM sneaking in some preserving time before work, grateful for the abundance of our garden and local farmers and feeling very thankful that I don't have to preserve an entire winters food for the whole family!


stephanie from texas said...

now that is some goodness!

Andréann said...

For a second I felt I was looking in my mom's kitchen. The pot and the oven are the same, and I often saw all those mason pots aligned on the counter!

Earth Mama said...

Garden yumminess all canned up, not only with garden goodness, but with gratitude as well. Happy canning, and thanks for playing along.