Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That's all I've been doing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. And it's awesome.

Ok. I'm still working. And cooking (sort of). But I'm taking it very slow for a few days. We've had a crazy(ier than normal!) few weeks!

Evan is completely better. We did get his test results from the state lab on his spinal labs. Apparently, his meningitis was caused by a strain similar to the chicken pox. Same family, or something. Seriously. I got the phone call while at a rehearsal dinner, so I got as much information as I could while ducked out into the hallway. I'll be following up with his doctor cause, well, it sort of blows my mind.

This past weekend, the whole family was in the wedding of some very dear friends. The rehearsal dinner was at Dinosaur BBQ, ceremony at Clarks and the reception at the zoo (hence the lion above!)  The weather, which has been cold and rainy for 2 weeks, cleared up beautifully. The wedding was gorgeous and everything went off without a hitch. Except of course, when I spilled my drink on the photographers laptop. Yes, I really did. They were incredibly gracious, and I was incredibly mortified.

 soon after the laptop incident.

I should have seen it coming, since earlier that week I spilled a full cup of coffee all over the couch and myself and then days later kicked an entire cup of tea across my living room carpet. I do have a hard time holding on to drinks. I'm notorious for breaking glasses and throwing cups of coffee about. I don't know how! One second they are in my hand, the next second they are literally flying about the room. I broke a glass all over the dance floor at another friends wedding two years ago. But this was by far the worst drink incident I've ever had (and hopefully it stays that way!)

Evan's birthday was Sunday. We had a very quiet day - cooked up a big breakfast with some friends who had spent the night (they were also at/in the wedding the day before) then kind of lounged about for the day. I made just spaghetti (per Evans request) salad and bread sticks for dinner. Everyone LOVED the sauce. It was the basic pasta sauce, mixed with crushed tomatoes, sauteed peppers and onions, some seasonings, meatballs and sausage. It was basic (I thought) but our parents really liked it. Because we're at the end of birthday season, Evan didn't want cake. So I made these brownies. Oh, nom. Make them. I made them using half sucanat and half sugar and half white/half whole wheat flour.

Also, I'm sick of tomatoes and really glad I don't have any more to can. Till next year anyway. Apples next!

All the pictures are from the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Cause, well, that's all I had the motivation to upload since Sunday!

Kind of loving doing nothing, for at least one more day!

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City Sister said...

I love a nothing day...filled with pleasureable things and relaxation...you have been busy...enjoy it and savor the wonderfulness of it all.