Wednesday, September 15, 2010

right now I am

 Inspired by Earth Mama:
"Every Wednesday I will post a post with one image combined with a short sentence that starts out as "right now, I AM...". This simple exercise helps me to take a moment out of my day to open my eyes, take a look around, and see something wonderful that is right in front of me that I can truly appreciate. Whenever I do this simple task, I can feel my heart swell with gratitude for the life I have.
 I really believe that together we can help each other to shine the abundance of good that we see all around us. That to me is a very wonderful, aware, and proactive momentum to set off on"

Right now, I am. . . really enjoying this glass of wine. In my laundry room. Wearing the apron that I put on as soon as I walked through the door from work, and the shoes that I never took off. And really kind of enjoying every moment of what is my Friday, and the last day before a very busy weekend.


Earth Mama said...

What a wonderful way to mesh the here and now. Thanks for sharing!


City Sister said...

Whenever people show foot shots such as this, all I can think is "what a great floor." Your carpet rocks.

gardenofsimple said...

Thanks! I actually made the rug using some old curtains I found at a thrift shop, and sewing it to an old bath towel - instant laundry room rug! I also made a matching valance for the window using the same fabric :)