Monday, November 7, 2011

47 bags in 47 days

We have too much stuff.

It kind of just sneaks on in. My love of thrift stores, old books and good deals, generous grandparents, school work and paperwork, 5 people and their veryimportantthings, saving odds and ends for future crafts, kitchen gadgets . . .

It's incredibly easy to end up with stuff just spilling out of everywhere.

And now that I am home all day I am noticing it more. And cleaning it more. And it's just got to go. In my efforts to be more mindful of how I live my life - unnecessary clutter is a huge problem.

There are 47 days until Christmas - at which point we will get more stuff (though we have, and our families have done an amazing job of paring down the last few years)

So my plan is to get 47 bags of stuff out of the house in 47 days (or less) it can be trashed, or donated or sold - but it has to be gone.

That sounds like a sickening amount, but I bet it adds up easy. I know of many hings hanging around our basement that we don't use or need. At the end it might be a little painful to get rid of some things, but I've got to be ruthless - if I don't love it or need it, it's gone.

I'm going to start easy this week and do the obvious things. Clothes and shoes that don't fit and surface clutter in each room.

I plan on posting progress each Monday. If you are inspired to do the same please comment or link to your blog in the comments, so we can support each other!

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I am totally rooting for you!!! Go! Go! Love it. Love living simply, decluttering. So easy to accumulate, sometimes so hard to let go. LOVED your quote on the last blog entry too. So true.

I'm Hannah said...

Way to go!!

We do the one-for-one trade around Christmas and birthdays! If you get a toy, you give a toy. If you get a shirt, you give a shirt. And if we eat a fancy meal, we donate either food or time to a soup kitchen!

Summer said...

I have not been able to stop thinking about this since you mentioned the 30 in 30 or 40 in 40! I have been telling Drew all about it, and I am determined to do this! Our house is choking in junk, and we are in desperate need of a purge!

You are mah inspiration, lol.

findingquality said...

I love this idea but I don't know if I have enough stuff left after purging before the baby came to actually get rid of 47 bags but I will try and get rid of one thing everyday I am sure that will help. Good Luck with the challenge!

One20 Farm and BluGiRlinK said...

I am sooooo excited to do this!

Earth Mama said...

We seem to be in the same page of life. I have a trunk full of "stuff" going to goodwill. I need to simplify regularly. Every month I do goodwill drop offs. We don't but a lot of stuff, but I use my time throughout the year to gradually de rid ourselves of family birthday/christmas presents and random cluttering things.