Tuesday, November 15, 2011

it ain't easy

I always thought that if I wasn't working, I'd finally have all the time I needed to get everything done. I would stop feeling like I was barely keeping afloat each day and actually make progress.

Instead, I pretty much feel like I'm sinking everyday. Somehow there seems to be less time in everyday. Of course, I do happen to have a certain beautiful baby boy taking up a fair amount of my time.

                                                        sporting some new mama made pants

 I still haven't quite embraced the art of letting go (of just a few things, each day). I'm starting to have faith that I'll get there though. I'm beginning to believe that it's simply an adjustment period and I'll get just where I want to be.

I'm not home just to keep a clean house, though that is certainly part of it. My goal in being home is to enrich our lives in non-monetary ways. To snuggle with babies who grow impossibly fast, to finally play that game of Stratego promised to an 8 year old (a year ago!), to guide a moody, confused, in-between childhood and adulthood teenager. To grow and preserve and cook food, because it's important to me. To create beautiful and useful things for our home and for our family.  To, yes, keep a neat house - but more-so a happy, comfortable, cozy home. A home that we want to be in and that we look forward to coming back to.

I think as long as I can keep those end goals in mind, everything will be just fine.

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Jodi said...

A too clean home is a boring home. A neat and tidy enough home leads to much more excitement with the little ones. (In my experience, anyways.)

That's the mentality I try to embrace to let go all of the little things I don't finish in a day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is exactly how I feel. I thought if I was home everything would be perfect and all the cleaning would get done. But it hasn't. I have cleaned a little more but now all of my time is given to the baby and my husband. It's harder than being at work. But it makes me much happier!

Sara said...

Love the pants! Your goals sound perfect. Clean houses are not happy houses all the time. :) Messy houses mean lives are being lived. I can live with that.