Thursday, May 14, 2009


The kids and I have recently started keeping a gratitude journal. It's something I've mentioned doing for years, and finally got around to starting a few weeks ago (I'm pretty famous for my procrastination). Actually, I found one at a thrift store, for 50 cents. This huge spiral bound book. 50 cents. This is the one. It was brand new. And dirt cheap. And got my butt in gear.

I like it, but sadly - it's hard! It doesn't seem like it would be hard, right? I mean, there are pre-listed questions (and also a blank page for each day) but just to think of one thing, each day - to be grateful for? And we don't even write in it every day. Maybe 4 times a week. Today, my oldest, Evan wrote: I'm grateful I'm not dead.

It's something though, I guess!

Sometimes you just feel uninspired. And you have to search for something to be thankful for. Even if it's just waking up in the morning.

But that is exactly why I wanted to start this journal! To take the time, to find something, to notice something - to appreciate something, no matter how trivial - in our days.

I think I'm going to start doing gratitude Fridays here.

So this week?

I'm grateful for opportunity.


Sara said...

I'm grateful for the sunshine. It made me smile a little extra big this morning on my way out the door.

Valkyrie said...

lol at what your son wrote.

You don't have to think of something *new* every day though, right? So you can always be grateful for the same thing and then maybe expound in some different way. Like I'm grateful I'm healthy every day. So one day maybe I'm grateful for health because it means I can be reliable at work, one day it means I can carry my child, one day it means I have the energy to play. Whatever. You know.

Anyway, this is a great idea!