Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strawberry Wine, Week 4

We moved the strawberry wine over into another glass carboy last week. It's a bit tangy, I'm assuming (hoping!) that will settle down over the next two months.

yay! Just two more months until we can bottle!

We bought the second glass carboy about 2 weeks ago. When we bought the first one, last August - they were 15 dollars. This second one cost us 30, and I was told that they will be going up another 300% in the next month or so. We'll probably invest in a third now. I guess there is only one company now making and distributing them? There used to be another company, but now they are coming in from Italy. So if you have any interest in wine making in the near future, I suggest at least getting the glass carboy now.

Kevin also is attempting another beer. He was a little disappointed in his results last summer - but gave it another shot this weekend while I was working on the wine.

my attempt at capturing the bubbling in the airlock

The beer makes so much more noise than the wine in the airlock!

We're really having a lot of fun learning how to brew at home. I'm already looking for another recipe for the next batch of wine!


Megan said...

Hope we get to taste these batches! I haven't had any of your wine yet!! :(


Jodi said...


If you want cheap(er) gear, watch craigslist. I know here locally, I've seen 2 different listings just in the past week.

gardenofsimple said...

Meg - you know you have a couple bottles coming to you!

Jodi - Good call! I check craigslist all the time, but never thought to check for more carboys and stuff.

Sara said...

Strawberry wine sounds divine! Wish I could have a taste. MMMMM!