Tuesday, March 2, 2010

making cranberry vodka

In late summer we made sour cherry vodka. I had a bunch of cranberries sitting in the freezer and decided to try a twist on the cherry vodka.

I won't know how it turns out for another 4 weeks or so, but here's what's going on so far:

Take 2 cups of cranberries, mix with 1 cup of sugar. Put in sauce pan and add about 1/4 cup of water. Simmer until berries start to soften and sugar starts to dissolve.

Scoop into mason jar, fill with vodka and shake. Then store in a cool dark place. Shake every day or so for the first week.


In 4 weeks you should have  delicious cranberry vodka!

edited 1/4/12 : This vodka seems to taste best 4-6 months after making. It was still very bitter after 4 weeks.


Sara said...

Well, hell. Cranberry vodka sounds divine. Going to make me some. :D Are there any health benefits, you think? Besides better mental well-being... :D

Valkyrie said...

That has GOT to be delicious! Not to mention very beautiful aesthetically. I don't know how you find the time for everything you do. You amaze me.

Butterflie said...

What do you mix it with? Or do you just drink it plain? I've made blueberry vodka before (though after a few days I realized the blueberries weren't letting go of their 'juice' and had to remove them and squish them down a bit and replace them.) After the time was up I strained it through cheese cloth and gave it as a gift at Christmas. :) Also, have you made home made vanilla yet? If I remember right it's the vanilla beans, which are a bit expensive, but can be used a few times and drop them into the large bottle of vodka and let sit for a few months, strain, and use. After calculating the cost of pure vanilla in the store, and the beans you buy, it's much cheaper!

gardenofsimple said...

hannah - I'll end up mixing it with Sprite probably for a mixed drink.

I bought a vanilla bean last week to try making homemade vanilla! :D

Butterflie said...

Yay! I keep meaning to do that. I was told that you can use it at least twice. So even though the bean may be expensive (at least it is at our 'Down Home' store in town.) the amount of vanilla you get from that is massive. Though, I think it was the large bottle of vodka and 4 beans that she used. Can't wait for pics!