Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seasonal Eating: Rhubarb

I have rhubarb I bought a week and a half ago at the market, still sitting in my fridge. I hate when I do that. I have the best intentions and then . . . nothing. It's incredibly wasteful, in so many aspects.

So, I was thinking each week or two, I'd highlight some seasonal recipes here - and maybe you could share some with me? I know, I know. I did so well with a recipe of the week. And of course I followed up with last years recipe for the strawberry rhubarb pie. What? I didn't? Oops.

Let's start fresh, okay?

Soon, I'll let you know about some changes I've been making in my diet. But for now I'll just let you know I've (mostly) cut out flour (but will be adding back in whole grains eventually), starches and sugar (with some occasional xyltiol and stevia and sucanat).

I'm not a fan of mock things. And I'll get into that later as well, but I'm ok with adjusting things to a point. Using different flours, very small amounts of "natural" sugars etc . . .

I'll probably still post delicious looking recipes containing sugar and flour, but won't be able to actually try them. I'll let you know what my family thinks. They have very interesting taste buds.

And please, please share some recipes with me, either with a link in the comments to your blog, or right in the comments. Maybe that will help keep me on track! ha!

Evan has already been asking for a strawberry rhubarb pie again, so hopefully(!) soon I'll re-post (um, first post) that recipe with some notes.

Here's what I plan on trying this week: Molly Katzens Strawbeey Rhubarb Crisp

I'll probably lower the sugar and use an oat or almond flour (probably oat . . .) I'll report back in a few days with the results.

Do you have any must have rhubarb recipes?


Little Messy Missy said...

Thanks for sharing! Yummy!

Barefoot Goddess said...

I have a recipe somewhere for oatmeal-rhubarb bars that is delicious....will rummage for it and send it to you....Actually, I found it here, i think:

Valkyrie said...

GAWD, I love strawberry rhubarb pie. And it's interesting you bring it up now because I've been craving it. Probably because I've seen the rhubarb in the markets. I also love rhubarb bread and muffins. :-)