Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. I've always liked creating things. Over the years I've found and used different mediums and as a result I have quite a few 'hobbies' and supplies.

Until we moved last year, I didn't really have a designated crafting space. I used the living room floor. Or the kitchen table. And often spent more time pulling things out and putting them away then actually crafting.

I've scrapbooked. Repainted and re-crafted items and furniture. About 4 years ago I taught myself how to sew.

But I haven't really done any of that in months. I mean, almost a year. Not since we got married.

And I miss it, I do.

I finally have a space. We moved, and I have a wall in our small bedroom set up with a table and my supplies. But I haven't organized it. Not since we moved here. Almost a year ago.

So I haven't crafted. And I haven't done any sewing. The last thing I had made was my wedding dress (with the assistance of a friend 2 weeks before the wedding, but that's another story).

Photograph by Andrea Casey

And there has always been a reason excuse. There isn't time. The crafting area still hasn't been cleaned/organized. I have to do laundry/clean/dinner/anything else.

About a month ago I started embroidering. It's peaceful, enjoyable and best of all portable. I tried knitting, again. It makes me angry. It should be fun but I just.don't.get.it.

But, I'm done with excuses. Yesterday, I stayed home sick (I really was sick) and I was tempted to start cleaning (does anyone else get like that when they should be resting? It doesn't make sense. If my husband was home sick he would not be doing laundry) Anyway, I got up in the afternoon and decided I was going to sew.

Normally, I would get to my sewing stuff and decide it had to all be cleaned and organized before I could possibly do anything. Then 5 hours later I would find myself painting my bedroom walls or something equally ridiculous (because cleaning the crafting area would mean I had to clean my room then while I was doing that I would realize how I don't like the wall colors and then . . . ) So I cleared my table, without cleaning (luckily I had cleaned my machines a couple weeks ago) found some fabric and decided to do a quick project. And ignore the mess around me.

I took my inspiration from this post over at soule mama I figured it would take a half hour or so, right?

Right, except I haven't sewn in a year. And while it felt (so) good to be sewing again, I was a little rusty. I made some mistakes. For the most part, I ignored the mistakes. This was for ME. I wasn't selling this. It didn't need to be perfect. It's going on my floor. Just do it. Push through it. Let the mistakes happen, eventually I'll fall into the rhythm. And I did.

So, it has it's imperfections. But I love it. And it matches the orange countertops (that I can't believe I ever hated) and it was quick (about an hour) and I will so be making more of these (mostly because soon those imperfections will drive me craaaaazy!):

Please pretend my floor is clean

So I made a promise to myself, to make time. Even if it's 15 minutes here, a half hour there. Because I love this. I love creating. No more excuses. I deserve the time.


Sara said...

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! Exactly, grab the time and just do it. The rug looks adorable. Good job. Knitting makes you angry? We need to conference. I may be really new to knitting, but anger hasn't been an emotion with it...yet. What are you trying to do?

gardenofsimple said...

haha - yeah, knitting makes me want to throw things. I just can't do it. I think I'm doing it right, I'm feeling good about it and then I miss a stitch or do it backwards and then it all falls apart.

I think I need to sit down with my mother in law and have it shown to me step by step.

Jodi said...


Have you tried "Stitch N Bitch" ?? It helped me get started with knitting. Though, like you, I have trouble finding (making) the time for crafting.

PS - Thanks for the bread bag post. That link led me to another by Soul Mama - I think I'm going to attempt to replicate her drawstring bags! (When I find [make] the time to pull out the sewing machine, that is.. lol)

Valkyrie said...

Oh, that rug is so cute! And I love the colors. Don't know if I love your orange countertops. I have a red toilet seat and bathroom cabinet I'm still trying to fall in love with. :-P But I love the orange rug. I wish i could sew. I don't have the patience.

I used to do a lot of cross stitching and I miss it. I haven't done any forever. Crafting is so calming. I love it.